Vegan MoFo week four retrospective

How can this have been the last full week of MoFo? This week I celebrated fall with a Mayan pumpkin stew, used seitan in a Hopi stew and managed to incorporate the most vegan green of all, kale, into a pre-contact dish - but not in a stew.

outtake: juicing limes


Here, in no particular order, are five posts from other bloggers that I really enjoyed reading this week:

I am a sucker for a beet burger, and this beautifully scarlet recipe from Claryn at Hell Yeah It's Vegan! is right up my alley. 
Like chel from chelrabbit, I am a hungry bear who should probably just make her own darn fruit and nut bars already.
I love that The Good Karma Kitchen's Kyleigh was skeptical of tacos. Food detectives are my kind of detectives.
Pumpkin for everyone! Shannon's pretzels at Yup, it's vegan sound perfect for cooler weather.
Finally, I might have squealed when I saw that Hayley made Abaratian pastries at Lima Bean Lover.