Vegan MoFo week three retrospective

How is it that three weeks have gone by? That means we're more than halfway through MoFo. This week I tackled reading a book on Inca food and cooking techniques in my rusty Spanish, made an Aztec drink with chía seeds and learned that the Mayan word for a pumpkin is k'um but the word for a big ol' pumpkin, Halloween-style, is ku'um.

what goes into my farmers market bag for Old New World: all the chile peppers

Here, in no particular order, are five posts from other bloggers that I really enjoyed reading this week:

Shannon over at leaves & flours has been making some beautiful treats this month; these garam masala sweet potato muffins have been invading my dreams.  

These croissants from agnés at Interprétations Culinaires make me wish I was a boulanger.

I confess: every MoFo I look forward to Katie's dinner-and-a-movie themes at Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk!  Let's all remind ourselves that Duckie had a serious case of Nice Guy Syndrome in Pretty In Pink.

Luca is playing the best mad scientist ever in the vegan kitchen of dr caligari. These baklava cupcakes pretty much leave me speechless.

And finally, Jes from Your Mom's A Vegan  has the smartest MoFo advice you'll see.