Vegan MoFo week two retrospective

 I can't believe it's already been two weeks! That means we're almost halfway through MoFo.  This week I made a toothsome vegan piranha stew, cooked up two different kinds of beautiful heirloom New World beans and learned that while three kinds of cacao beans were used for currency in Mesoamerica, only one kind was used for eating.

I made a mess though I did not pour the hot chocolate into a vessel on the floor as is historically accurate

Here, in no particular order, are five posts from other bloggers that I really enjoyed reading this week:

Malitsu from Mämmi made a gorgeous foraged polypody crème brûlée - I like to think my sweetheart would let me take the first crack at the top layer.

Alexander at In Vegetables We Trust is posting some amazing baked goods this month! This Kringle bread has such great step-by-step photos it makes me think anything is possible.

Speaking of baked goods, Mihl over at Seitan Is My Motor makes such beautiful breads and pastries - and jellies as well! Is there anything she can't do?

These dark chocolate coconut bites by River at Wing It Vegan look so tasty! And her tiny visitor at the end of the post has stolen my heart.

I've been neglecting my Mediterranean cookbooks, so I'm loving Gülden's theme at VegFusionAfiyet Olsun!