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Not as blurry as she may appear.

Not as blurry as she may appear.

What do you do with a teacup like madeleine?

Hi! I'm Rachel.

madeleineteacupdotcom is my vegan foodblog. I became a vegetarian as a teenager but didn't really learn to cook until I became a vegan in my thirties.


I like to eat moderate fat and little sugar; my omnivorous sweetheart, W., is a "vegetarian at home" who needs to eat little salt. madeleineteacupdotcom aims to be a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures along the way in combining these needs using mostly local, seasonal and whole food ingredients to make a variety of tasty vegan dishes prepared with love. That's right, I said it.


In 2014, we added code name: Little Nettle to the mix, so now I cook with a vegan preschooler.